The 5 Components of Reading

1. Phonemic Awareness - the knowledge and   manipulation of sounds and words

2. Phonics - the relationship between written and spoken letters and sounds

3. Fluency - the ability to read accurately, with appropriate rate, expression and phrasing

4. Vocabulary - the knowledge of words, definitions and context

5. Comprehension - understanding the meaning in the text

Benchmark Literacy Unit Topics

1. Being a Good Community Member (Government and Citizenship)

2. Many Kinds of Characters (Character Study)

3. Plants and Animals Grow and Change (Life Science)

4. Stories Have a Narrator (Point of View)

5. Technology at Work (Technology and Society)

6. Stories Teach Many Lessons (Theme)

7. Past, Present, and Future (History and Culture)

8. Observing the Sky (Earth Science)

9. We Use Goods and Services (Economics)

10. Exploring Sound and Light (Physical Science)

To help you better understand your child's progress report, I have attached a PDF explaining the Essential Learning Goals for Literacy

Essential Learning Goals.pdf Essential Learning Goals.pdf
Size : 363.753 Kb
Type : pdf

Writer's Workshop Topics - Responding to Texts

  • Retell Key Details/Events

  • Compare and Contrast Two Texts

  • Informational - How To's and All About Books

  • Opinion

  • Poetry

To help you better understand your child's progress in writing, I have attached a PDF of the fall, winter and spring Written Response Checklist. Your child's progress in writing will be assessed three times during the year using this check list.

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