Homework will go home every Thursday and is due the following Thursday unless otherwise stated. Be looking for your child's homework in his/her Thursday folder.  

Challenge packets are available each month at your request.  This is optional and is for you to enjoy at home.

Please be sure to write your NAME on all your homework!

If you need another reading log for the month, click on the word document and print yourself a new log.

whooo's that reader log.doc whooo's that reader log.doc
Size : 42 Kb
Type : doc

I have posted a copy of the lower case letters for your use at home.  I will be sending home lined paper often for your child to practice his/her handwriting. 

It is important that your child is forming the letters correcting and starting the letters in the proper place. 

Use vocabulary like: top line, middle line, bottom line, pull down, and retrace. Remember that no letters begin on the bottom line.

lowercase letters.pdf lowercase letters.pdf
Size : 330.246 Kb
Type : pdf

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