There are 4 areas in Common Core Standards:
  1. Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  2. Number & Operations in Base Ten
  3. Measurement & Data
  4. Geometry


Throughout the year, you will see the following scoring. See below for what they mean after instruction.
4 - I did it correctly by myself the first time and extended my knowledge

3 - I did it correctly by myself the first time.

2 - I did it with some additional help or part of the answer is correct

1 - I still can't do it with help but I will keep trying

0 - I didn't even try

Bridges First Grade Units

1. Numbers All Around Us
  • Counting and data with popsicles, adding and subtracting to ten with the number rack
2. Developing Strategies with Dice and Dominoes
  • Counting, adding, fact families, counting by fives and tens
3. Adding, Subtracting, Counting and Comparing
  • Single digit sums, tens and teens, exploring equations
4. Leap Frogs on the Number Line
  • Adding and subrtacting on the number line, counting by fives and tens
5. Geometry
  • Introducing two and three dimensional shapes, sorting and graphing shapes
6. Figure the Facts with Penguins (Story Problems)
  • Story problems with addition and subtraction, measuring and comparing 
7. One Hundred and Beyond
  • Grouping sticks and bundles beyond 100, adding and subrtracting two digit numbers, place value with money
8. Changes, Changes
  • Patterns, Time, Measurement

To help you understand your child's progress report, I have attached a PDF for the Essential Learning Goals in Math

essential learning goals for math.pdf essential learning goals for math.pdf
Size : 223.045 Kb
Type : pdf

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